What is Kartii

No More Printing of business cards. Kartii, an evolution of Go-Green technology that replaces physical business cards with digital business cards. Scan, Save and Share tons of business cards anywhere, anytime.


  • Sign Up

    Download the app from Google play store or iTunes and create your free account.

  • Scan Your Card

    With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), scan up to any number of business cards in 2 seconds within the app.

  • Save Your Data

    Save the entire scanned business cards in the mobile app embedded with cloud storage.

Powerful App Built for Individuals and Businesses

A Futuristic Business Card Solution Understands Every Need


Turn every piece of physical business card into a digital one Kartii’s cloud to manage and follow up every single contact across any device through multiple synchronizations.


Add, edit and sync thousands of business cards to elevate your professional network and quickly follow up with leads on the go.


Personalize your “contact me” information among your global partners with insightful data at one centralized database to strengthen your prospects and business value.

Enriched-features for Real-time Business Card Experience

Built-in Possibilities for an Effective Business Performance and Workflow

Tree View Connections

Visualize each contact into sub-items based on different business parameters.

Outlook & Google Platforms

Integrate Kartii with calendar apps to manage tasks, reminders and schedule meetings within the app.


Organize contacts based on the geographical location to simplify the meetings and navigate you to the location of the contact.

Global Connectivity

Assist business professionals to connect with the global network of business contacts to leverage your business value and opportunity for new businesses.

Quick Card Design

Admins can view business card scans, email signature capture and user activity reports.

Easy Access

Get complete access to the directory, data insights and contact information of the entire business cards within any specific folders and drives.

Beyond Integrations

Express the Visibility of your Card Across Sectors with no limitations

Business Card Management

Networking Made Through Modern Interactive Cards

Get rid of bundles of physical cards. Get the absolute experience of digital cards at anytime, anywhere. Scan, save and share an infinite number of business cards just in a click within your app. Get most of the user’s LinkedIn, phone number, mail ID and social app information within the app.

Salesforce Integration

Events & Reminder Alerts With Seamless Integration

Import business contacts from other platforms to one centralized platform where your entire team can access in it. Export up to N number contact from app directly to the Salesforce software through premium accounts to experience effective business productivity.

Social Media

Events & Reminder Alerts With Seamless Integration

Add social media links to your digital business card for create value to your business. Access your user’s social information within the app to observer insightful data.

Get the finest benefits of your entire businesses right from locating to meetings.

Synchronize your business cards anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Search Feature

Access the entire list of contacts or a specific contact that has been stored in the cloud right from any of your devices just within a single click.

Cloud-based Geo-Location

Search the exact location of meetings, business card contacts at any time and from any device for a quick process of the meetings, events, etc.

Cloud Contact Book

Save up to N number of business card contacts into your Kartii app for future contact purposes anywhere within your devices.

Business Cards Isn’t dead, they are Upgraded!

Leverage Your Traditional Business Into Digital Download Kartii to Experience the best digital card experience

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